Growth Drivers

Export Liquid Natural gas (“LNG”) projects have the potential to further transform this growing industry.

The eight plants announced have collectively an export capacity of 43 Million tones per annum (“Mtpa”).

April 08, 2011 -

LNG Products

A summary of the Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) projects commenced or anticipated in the region follows:

  1. Santos Ltd/Petronas  (Gladstone Liquefied Natural Gas project or GLNG) – commenced its  LNG plant at Hamilton Point West on Curtis Island May 2011
  2. Queensland Gas Company/BG Group Plc subsidiary (Queensland Curtis LNG Project or QCLNG) – June 2010 commenced to develop a LNG plant at North China Bay on Curtis Island.
  3. LNG Limited (Gladstone LNG Project) – proposes to develop a LNG plant at Fisherman’s Landing, Gladstone.
  4. ConocoPhillips/Origin Energy (Australia Pacific LNG or APLNG)  – 28th July 2011 confirms the commencement to develop a LNG plant at Laird Point on Curtis Island
  5. Shell (CSG) Australia Pty Ltd/Royal Dutch Shell Plc subsidiary – proposes to develop a LNG plant at Boatshed Point on Curtis Island
  6. Impel (Southern Cross LNG) – proposes to develop an open access LNG plant on Curtis Island
  7. Sunshine Gas/ Sojitz Corporation (Sunshine Gas now owned by QGC)  – proposes to develop a LNG plant at Fisherman’s Landing on Curtis Island
  8. Energy World Corporation – proposes to develop a LNG plant at Abbott Point
Four planned projects in Queensland account for almost $80 billion worth of investment - more than one-third of the $220bn of LNG projects under development in Australia.
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