Company Highlights

Landtrak is a leading property development & investment group in Central Queensland with major projects in Mount Morgan, Gracemere & on the Capricorn Coast. We have a proven ability to identify & capitalise on opportunities in a wide range of sectors from master-planned mining residential communities to industrial land and rural subdivisions.

Company Highlights

Diversified project & development base encompassing Turnkey Solutions.

Acquiring Ancillary Like minded business’s:

  • Relatively large scale, forecasting exponential growth
  • Property management generating Cashflow on a weekly basis
  • Wholesale networking

Long-Term Growth Potential

  • With recent acquisitions significantly increasing revenue and net income in the coming years
  • Actively seeking more land acquisitions

Experienced Management Team

  • Management has a track record of execution in the property industry and is intent upon building
    even a deeper team.

Solid Financial Condition and Attractive Valuations

  • Unencumbered Land Holdings
  • Cashflow projections exceptional
  • All necessary elements for successful stock exchange listing
Investment Information:

Leading -

Technologically Advanced Systems and Procedures

Profitability -

All projects have ability for high profit earnings and leasing cashflow generation

Scalable Business -

Acquisition driven and development focused growth strategy

Experienced Management -

Dedicated technical and management team with years of expertise

Cost Advantage -

Unencumbered Land Holdings ready for Development

Growth Potential -

Rapid growth with promising outlook

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