Group Of Companies

Current Operations

Landtrak Investments

  • Infrastructure acquisition
  • Development funding
  • Joint Ventures

Landtrak Constructions

  • Modular on-site construction
  • All trades for complete turn-key solutions
  • Eco sustainable building techniques

Landtrak Building Products

  • Quality Building products
  • Expansion of warehousing imminent
  • Turn-key operations benefiting client affordability

Landtrak Property Maintenance

  • All trades for hire/lease contracts
  • Full Maintenance Management
  • Covering Central Queensland and beyond

Landtrak Civil Constructions

  • Road building and site developing
  • Machinery hire and lease options
  • Road repair and maintenance services

  • Accommodation Caravans/Site Facilities
  • Site Office/Kitchens
  • Storage/Equipment Rooms
  • Recreation Rooms
  • Ensuite/Shower/Toilet Work Caravans

Camp One Miles

  • Ensuring operating assets are maintained at optimal levels
  • Implementing innovative ideas to enhance asset performance
  • Including Intellectual Property and Goodwill

Camp Two Miles

  • Modular Housing
  • Transportable modules
  • Full sales and ownership or Lease models

Landtrak Hire

  • Civil works machinery
  • Trade outlet hire centre
  • Mining services trades hire equipment

Ancilliary Business’s


Landtrak is a part of a leading property development group of companies.

» Vertically integrated leading global property group

» Incorporating all ancillary business models for scalability and complete control in the housing processes

» Experienced management team with proven 20+ year track record in land acquisition, property development and sales

» Focus on high growth property markets driven by insatiable demand from the mining and gas industries across Australia

» Focus on quality; cutting edge technology; unique delivery system; affordable; eco friendly and sustainable properties

» Patents delivering outstanding usability and profitability

» Current and pipeline project investments $AUD 500million+

» Current land holdings 10,000+ hectares, proposed properties 3,000+

Civil Hire
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