Modular Housing Series

Modular Housing Series

Landtrak provide a quality turn-key product, on time. We optimise land utilisation by providing a range of 1 & 2 storey housing solutions. For more information:

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Landtrak solutions range from individual house lots, duplex housing to medium density projects.

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The QLD Coal Seam Gas industry is undergoing a remarkable transition. Explorations have confirmed that the Bowen & Surat Basins have commercial accumulations.

Key Eco Features

Export Liquid Natural gas (“LNG”) projects have the potential to further transform this growing industry.

The Ultimate Solution

A summary of the Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) projects commenced or anticipated in the region explored.


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Rockhampton // Western Australia

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Rockhampton // Western Australia
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Coal // Coal Seam Gas // Liquid Natural Gas
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