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» Incorporating all ancilliary business models for scalability and complete control in the housing processes

» Experienced management team with proven 20+ year track record in land acquisition, property development and sales

Company Background

Landtrak has been a leading property development and investment group in Queensland since 1995 and for over 15 years with numerous successfully developed projects

  • Landtrak is a mining services company specialising in the acquisition, development and sale of land and property to service the accommodation needs of the mining and gas industries undertaking projects across Australia and around the world. Landtrak is also a developer and supplier of green energy technologies with applications to housing and mining industries.
  • Landtrak Corporation Limited is a registered Australian Company.
  • No significant events have impacted Landtrak operations.
  • ATA have been engaged as Auditors and Accountants.
  • Oliver Line Consulting PTYLTD have been engaged as Corporate Counsel.
Landtrak continues to evaluate opportunities globally to make housing development-related acquisitions to accelerate its growth and market share.
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Rockhampton // Western Australia

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Rockhampton // Western Australia
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Coal // Coal Seam Gas // Liquid Natural Gas
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