Kinka Beach is located on Capricorn Coast 6km North of Emu Park and 17km South of Yeppoon. It is 661km North of Brisbane.

Kinka Beach

Kinka Beach’s most attractive characteristic is its coastal location not too far from the growth markets of Rockhampton and Gladstone. As with Roma and Mount Morgan, exposure to the CSG, LNG and Coal industries in the Bowen and Surat Basins should push growth into areas such as Kinka Beach.


  • Total site area is 40,469sqm comprising 3 lots;
  • Project comprises 282 single bedroom units to be completed in 3 phases to be leased out upon completion;
  • The Project is a full turn-key development including Facilities Management;
  • Project Construction Cost $80,000 per unit – Modular’s are 1 bedroom top end units;
  • Leases signed are long term leases with only a small number of units available for casual stay (estimated occupancy rate 90%);
  • Rooms are rented at $95 per room per day;
  • Facilities Management Costs are $35 per room per day – currently negotiating a discount due to volume;
  • 5 Star accommodation sites – World leading sustainable design and energy technology solutions that will set new benchmarks;
  • Accommodation site to be operated by a leading international accommodation operator (Morris/Spotless).


  • 17km South of Yeppon;
  • 46km North East of Rockhampton.


  • The development team will comprise: Australian Builders with experience in rapid modular installations, leading Australian Quantity Surveyor, internationally recognised Valuer’s and Project Managers;
  • Works to commence Feb 2013:
  • Stage 1 (99 units completed Aug 2014);
  • Stage 2 (90 units completed Feb 2015);
  • Stage 3 (93 units completed Aug 2015);
  • Modular’s to be built to our design and standards by leading international modular manufacturers.
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